How to settle for the Best Roofing Option- a Homeowner’s Guide

The choices for residential roofing are endless-asphalt, tiles, clay, and cedar roofing. While the wide variety offers a vast array of options, it causes confusion to homeowners. How would you choose the most appropriate residential roofing Calgary offers for your home? This is something that leaves many homeowners puzzled. If you are not decided on the type of roof to pick, this article will help you out a little bit.

Here are factors that homeowners should consider when choosing suitable residential roofing:


The locality, where you live, has a great impact on the type of roofing material you want. If you live in a moist and dump place, then avoid wooden shingles. However, cedar roofing which is resistant to rot and decay would be an appropriate wooden roofing material for such an area. Slate and metal roofing would be the best choice for such a locality.

Conventional/ energy efficient

Energy-efficient roofs are advantageous in that they help in reducing the energy consumption bill of your household. Therefore, you will have to choose between the conventional types and the energy efficient ones.


Obviously, the price is a factor that you should consider since you do not want to go for something you can’t afford. For you to settle for the most appropriate one, you will need to shop around and check for options within your budget. Consult a roofing contractor to help you find the option that suits your budget well.

Residential roofing options:

Asphalt roofing

If you want a durable roofing option that can stand harsh weather conditions, asphalt roofing is an appropriate choice. It costs less than slate and clay roofing. With proper care, it can last for up to twenty years.

Metal roofing

Well, coated metal roofs can guarantee both durability and comfort. They reflect sun rays thus maintaining the indoor temperature cool and comfortable. Galvalume and galvanized roofs are the two widely used types of metal roofing. Galvalume is mostly common in areas often affected by hurricanes.

Wooden shingles

Wooden roofing, and especially cedar, is specially designed to prevent rot and decay. There are several categories of cedar roofing that one can choose from. Ask for advice from a roofing contractor on the best among these categories.

Clay and tiles

There is a vast variety of tiles available in the market today. Tiles add the excellent aesthetic look to your home. Tiles are usually the alternative for the expensive slate roofing. Also, they are resistant to fire, molds, decay, and insects.

Slate roofing

Slate roofing is durable. It can even last up to ten years when maintained well. However, it is quite costly considering that stonemasons are needed to install it.

As a homeowner, the roof type you choose is crucial. Therefore, you need to be careful when making your decision. While at it, consider consulting to help you make the best decision.


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